Jenahid & QC Hippers are your local source for Near Eastern dance training in the Quad Cities, specializing in Egyptian folkloric and Orientale and American Bellydance. Join us to discover this elegant, inclusive art form!

About Bellydance with Jenahid

Middle Eastern dance has many varieties - the sparkly American variety of bellydance is for anyone but mostly draws women, while traditional folkloric dance is definitely for everyone - women and men of all ages, including children! It's low-impact and the movements are completely organic to the human body. No extraordinary strength or flexibility required - and a bare belly is optional!


Benefits of Middle Eastern Dance (aka "bellydance") are improved posture, a stronger, more defined midsection (including the back, sides and abdomen), and greater body awareness and appreciation. You may even discover that, despite what someone told you long ago, you are graceful, coordinated and a wonderful dancer.

Try bellydancing - you're probably GOOD at it!

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